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CXR Talks Diversity Recruiting & The Gaps Found In Typical Strategies

CXR Chris Hoyt talks about the pitfalls of typical diversity recruiting programs within TA and how hundreds of Talent Acquisition leaders within CXR are uncovering some interesting approaches. This podcast episode offers a free download and team exercise to help any team begin to move forward with this challenging topic.

CXR “Uncorked” with Marie Artim

Enterprise’s own Marie Artim (vp, talent acquisition) joins CXR for a bottle of Robert Craig’s Affinity Cabernet and a bottle of Orin Swift Papillon to talk about some of the competitive advantages that she believes set Enterprise out front in the world of recruiting.  With some fun laughs over a few bottles of red and […]

Adventures In Extreme Hiring – a Recruiting Automation Summit Panel

In June I moderated a panel at the 2018 Recruiting Automation Summit in San Francisco, CA.  We assembled an awesome collection of Talent Acquisition leaders that included Ray Tavares (SVP, Talent Acquisition at Bank of America), Frank Speer (‎Global Director Solution Design, ‎IBM), Kristen DesPalmes (Director of Employment Strategy, DaVita), and (Andrew Trout (Managing Director, Human […]

CXR Chat: Executive Recruiting & Community

Gerry catches up with EY’s Carrie Garten after her first colloquium where she spent a day and a half with 50 other company leaders talking about trends and competitive practices in the world of executive recruiting.  During our 107th colloquium, there was no shortage of shared content from peers which included some interesting discussions about […]

Up neXt with Mark Farrell from Froedtert

In this episode of Up Next, a podcast series designed to put a face on new CXR members and welcome Talent Acquisition leaders joining the CareerXroads’ community, Mark Farrell helps us understand what attracted him to rejoin the Health Care Industry at Froedtert Health 2 years ago as their Executive Director for Talent Delivery after a 6 year hiatus, […]

CXR Chat: Colloquium Takeaways From TA Leadership

Chris Hoyt and Quincy Stephens of Merakey talk about just a few of the key takeaways for talent acquisition professionals who both attend colloquium meetings in person as well as participate in the new online community platform at CXR.  In this episode the conversation follows a two-day colloquium meeting that addressed leadership challenges in the field […]

CXR “Uncorked” with Dan Black of EY

Chris and Gerry take a few moments on a Friday afternoon to enjoy a few bottles of Hibiki Whiskey and talk about sourcing talent with a truly global lense, candidate experience, and the evolution of some recruiting technology (to include blockchain for HR) with industry friend and colleague, Dan Black of EY.  While the podcast […]

UNLEASH in America – An Event Worth Noticing

The UNLEASH team did a tremendous job of bringing to the United States an event that differentiates itself enough from the others that it’s worth talent acquisition and HR leaders and influencers to attend without feeling the need to cross other events off of their calendars.  The level of decision-makers and smartly curated trade show […]

CXR “Uncorked” with Jessica Lee of Marriott

Today’s CXR “Uncorked” brings a fun conversation with Jessica Lee, VP of Brand Talent at Marriott.  We take a look at the sometimes interesting turns and evolution that today’s Talent Acquisition leaders encounter in their own career paths – most notably, Jessica’s shift (temporarily?) into a space adjacent to Talent Acquisition.  Our talk also addresses today’s […]

Should Indeed Be Worried About Google Jobs API?

Our CareerXroads members have seen a number of headlines about the Google Jobs API and the Jobs search results that are expected. Some have even been given access to a CXR members-only webinar with the Google team to learn more about the ongoing work.  But even that might not have prepared them for the simplicity […]

CXR and Robin Erickson, PhD of Bersin by Deloitte talk aboutThe ROI of Turnover

It was my pleasure to catch up with friend and industry analyst, Robin Erickson, PhD, who is the Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Engagement & Retention Research at Bersin by Deloitte.  In this recorded podcast we connected on a topic that she is passionate about and has continued to build upon actively for years; The […]

Up neXt with Megan Holte of Hilton

In this episode of Up Next, a podcast series designed to put a face on new CXR members and welcome Talent Acquisition leaders joining the CareerXroads’ community, Megan Holte helps us understand what attracted her two years ago as a Talent Acquisition Leader at Hilton, what keeps her challenged and much more.

Up neXt with Melissa Thompson from McGraw Hill Education

In this episode, Melissa Thompson helps us understand what attracted her recently to take on the TA Leader role at McGraw-Hill Education after consulting with them in 2017. In Melissa’s case, it was the opportunity to have a blank slate and, with eyes wide open, build a new team and strategy from scratch (TA had […]

CXR “Uncorked” with Nick Mailey

Join us for a nice bottle of Justin Isosceles while Gerry, Nick, and I speculate on the amount of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) found in many tech solutions, why the idea of “Talent Advisor” continues to be so elusive even today, and why I might have the worst tastebuds for wine tasting while at the same […]

CXR Delivers Updated Vendor Ratings & Review System

Because of the success, continued interest, and feedback received from our CareerXroads members, we’ve launched a new beta upgrade that enhances the delivery of our Vendor Reviews portion of our site and which our colloquium meeting attendees will find embedded into their meeting experience.  Even those that do not attend a CareerXroads meeting will discover […]

CXR “Uncorked” with Susan Hensley

Join us and have a listen to the first installation of this special CareerXroads podcast series where we connect with E. & J. Gallo’s own Susan Hensley.  In this podcast, we talk about our take on a Kali Hart pinot noir while hearing how the small but mighty Gallo House of over 100 various brands […]

CXR Delivers New FREE Site Membership to Readers

CareerXroads is announcing a FREE Site Membership level that is available to anyone interested in accessing select content and receiving targeted updates from within the CXR community.  By registering for the new FREE Site Membership, users will be able to log into the website and access new levels of site content that will include full […]

CXR Launches a Beta Update to the eXchanges

The new CareerXroads eXchanges have evolved from a dedicated email communication tool to one that is delivered both via email and within the CareerXroads website.  With new member profile features, the ability for companies to easily post their own pulse surveys, and the creation of dynamic geographic and market-specific channels, this much-anticipated update lets our […]

CXR Report: Recruiting Centers of Excellence

The demands on talent acquisition and recruiting continue to intensify so that companies remain competitive. Teams are forced to work smarter and as a result, the evolution of shared services and recruiting centers of excellence (CEO) continues.  CareerXroads asked its membership a series of questions related to how their recruiting COE’s are focused and delivering […]

A Talk on Diversity with Gerry Crispin and Derek Zeller

Derek Zeller allowed us to share an unpublished story that was similar to another headline shared at CXR.  To accompany this headline, we sat with Derek and recorded a few minutes of conversation surrounding the topic, his story, and thoughts on diversity in recruiting in general.

CXR Japan Delegation Webinar Update

It was our pleasure to host the recent webinar and podcast for the Nanda Journey’s November 2017 HR Delegation to Japan. This trip was focused on learning how culture influences talent acquisition and employment in Japan. The webinar is now available to both CareerXroads members and non-members alike.

Learning from a Recruiting and HR Trip to Japan

After spending 10 days in Japan with HR and Recruiting executives, startups, influencers, and students where we visited with government representatives, employers, university students and professionals, we’re going to share some of our biggest takeaways and “Wow!” moments.

Where CXR Is Heading in 2018

What a year 2017 was for CareerXroads and its members!  With more meetings than before, more member companies than ever, higher volumes of content, our 100th colloquium meeting, an immersive trip to learn about recruiting practices in Japan, and innovative new meeting strategies, we couldn’t have asked for more.  Except, that’s exactly what we’re doing […]

Gerry Crispin is Interviewed by Nick Price of Career Life Stories

Even before I was a partner at CareerXroads, I’ve long been a fan of people in the recruiting industry that show up and do the work with everyone’s best interests at heart.  It’s a shared sentiment that I believe to be a large part of what started my friendship with Gerry Crispin almost a decade […]

CXR’s Chris Hoyt and Gerry Crispin Chat with Social Talent

We talk with Social Talent about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and how to play the modern game of Talent Acquisition.  Throughout that conversation we shared a little bit about ourselves, the origin of CareerXroads, the evolution of Recruiting Automation, and what we think is on the horizon for TA leaders everywhere.

CareerXroads Readies for its 100th Meeting

For over twenty years CareerXroads has created a fun community for talent acquisition and recruiting leaders from around the world to connect, collaborate, and even conspire, on recruiting-related topics that keep them up at night.  And whether conversations with these leaders and influencers were taking place at live colloquium events, various conferences, over the phone, […]

Recruiting Organizational Structures; A CareerXroads Report

At CareerXroads we create and house hundreds of peer-driven benchmark reports and surveys that range in topics from vendor selection to global org structures. Recently our members asked for a quick report out on how global Talent Acquisition teams were structured and managing the work of recruitment.

STEM Training May Not Be Enough For The Future State of Work

For the past few years, many companies have been going “all in” on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiatives when hiring towards tomorrow.  Strategies at both enterprise and small or mid-sized organizations range anywhere from focused hiring efforts today to influencing the curriculum in middle schools around the world.  All in the hopes of […]

The ONE Thing | CXR Recommends

Recommended reading by a good friend and entrepreneur, “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” was a book that I couldn’t quite put down until I’d finished working through its pages, folding various corners, and scribbling my own little reminders in the margins along the way.