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CXR Talks Diversity Recruiting & The Gaps Found In Typical Strategies

CXR Chris Hoyt talks about the pitfalls of typical diversity recruiting programs within TA and how hundreds of Talent Acquisition leaders within CXR are uncovering some interesting approaches. This podcast episode offers a free download and team exercise to help any team begin to move forward with this challenging topic.

CXR Members Evaluate What They’re Offering Candidates With Disabilities

At our recent Recruiting Automation and Innovation Meeting, we conducted a Design Thinking Exercise to explore how employers perceive their employee values and, in turn, what their candidates feel are important – in this case, specifically, candidates with disabilities. We are working through this exercise at a number of our meetings this year and it […]

A Talk on Diversity with Gerry Crispin and Derek Zeller

Derek Zeller allowed us to share an unpublished story that was similar to another headline shared at CXR.  To accompany this headline, we sat with Derek and recorded a few minutes of conversation surrounding the topic, his story, and thoughts on diversity in recruiting in general.

CXR Japan Delegation Webinar Update

It was our pleasure to host the recent webinar and podcast for the Nanda Journey’s November 2017 HR Delegation to Japan. This trip was focused on learning how culture¬†influences talent acquisition and employment in Japan. The webinar is now available to both CareerXroads members and non-members alike.

Learning from a Recruiting and HR Trip to Japan

After spending 10 days in Japan with HR and Recruiting executives, startups, influencers, and students where we visited with government representatives, employers, university students and professionals, we’re going to share some of our biggest takeaways and “Wow!” moments.